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Studying in the Library

Tutorials held in small gatherings of 10 to 20 attendees in a casual, conversational setting at a selected venue are designed such that you can discuss your ideas and share your thoughts with the trainer and the other attendees. These tutorials are a great opportunity to work in a community of people who may have different ideas and thought processes.

Online Tutorials are hosted on our Hosting an Entrepreneurial and Leadership Platform (HELP) where you can access pre-recorded sessions from which you can refer to at your convenience. There will also be live webinar sessions for an open discussion. HELP is only available for members who sign up for its resources. (Details will be made available after the conference.)

Discussion topics presented are for the purpose of providing information to the Changemaker to delve and indulge more into entrepreneurial thinking to make their embarked projects more viable in the market. The tutorials will encourage them to pursue their projects to fruition.

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