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What is ONE Project all about?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

It all started about 3 years ago when we supported Leadership and Environmental Conferences in Singapore and Thailand. As excited as the delegates were, so were we when we conducted the activities, coordinated the visits, engaged them in programmes and ensured their safety in general as the youth delegates came from the different countries in the ASEAN region.

As it goes along, we came into communication with the accompanying teachers from the schools, owners of the learning centres and education agents who have worked really hard in bringing the youths overseas, apart from the youths themselves who we had a great experience with.

At the end of the conferences however, the accompanying adults will inevitably ask, so what is next? They seem to imply that the conference ends there and not surprisingly, it actually does. There were no follow ups and neither was there any follow through. All seem forgotten after the last hurrah and dissatisfaction seems to bubble at the surface. We spoke to as many people after the that and found out what burst their bubble.

With the information in hand, ONE Project which stands for One Network of Entrepreneurs Project, spent 6 months conferring, contextualising, crafting, designing and came up L.E.A.D (Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Activators. Developers ) Conference.

A conference like no other where we aim to create a community of Changemakers from the region of entrepreneurial thinkers, where coming together is a mission on its own of being the difference that makes the difference and embarking on a journey of a start up entrepreneur. Starting from their own country for Conference and convening at a selected ASEAN country for L.E.A.D Convention, an end result of fruition of submitted projects for the betterment of community and country.

Be there for us and with us in the upcoming conferences.

With the current COVID-19 situation, we will update when we are launching the conferences.

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