For Participants

Who can register for the conference? Is the conference open to foreigners and to those with special needs?

There are 2 age groups; Junior for 10 to 14 Years and Senior for 15 to 19 Years of age. Conference is catered for group registeration of 5 peoplpe in a group. It is open to everyone who is keen to learn about entrepreneurial thinking skills.

How do I register? What documents should I prepare?

Please check with the respective country managers when it is open for registration. They will then provide you with a Media Kit and registration details.

What is included in the cost of my registration?

The registration fee includes the programme engagement, t-shirt, goodie bag and meals as stated in the registration details.

Can I apply as an individual or should I register through my school or organization?

You can apply as long as you form a group of 5 people. It can be an individual group application or through the school organization.

What are the payment methods for registration?

Payments will be made via online platforms such as Paypal or direct transfer to the designated acoount.

When is the deadline of registration and payment?

The deadline of registration and payment will be 30 days before the date of the conference.

When and where will the conference be held?

Conferences will be held in the respective countries. Dates will be made available by the country managers.

What is the duration of the program? If it will take days, is it possible to only attend a day’s session? Is there a discount for partial conference attendance?

The conference is held over a period of 3 days which will be from Friday to Sunday. There will not be any discount offered for partial attendance.

Where should I stay? Is there a specific accommodation for conference participants? Can I choose my own accommodation?

For the local conference, you will have to make the necessary arrangements for the accommodation.

Is there a pre-conference briefing session? Are there pre-conference materials to be provided (conference checklist and discussion topics, for example)?

There will be a Pre-Conference briefing 14 days before the event. Details will be provided in the registration kit.

Can I request for an invitation letter prior to the conference?

We will be able to provide an invitation letter for the local conference if it is required.

What is the expected number of conference participants?

We are targeting an audience of 200 participants not including parents and business owners.

What is the conference dress code?

Who are the conference exhibitors and speakers?

Is the conference accredited by any local or international institutions and organizations?

Will certificates be awarded for conference participation?

Is the registration transferable?

For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy page.

What are the conference cancellation policies?

For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy page.

My concern is not listed, whom should I contact?

Please email us at if you are unable to find the answer to your questions here.

For Parents

Are parents and teachers allowed to observe the conference? If yes, what registration procedures and rates apply?

For Others

Do you have sponsorship opportunities available? How do I sponsor?

Do you accept conference volunteers? How do I volunteer?

For Schools

Are there any group or scholar discounts available?

Are parents and teachers allowed to observe the conference? If yes, what registration procedures and rates apply?

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